Welcome to AMT-Cartech

Back in 1998 something completely new was introduced and revolutionised the tuning industry. We brought you the first OBD flash tool, and opened the door to tuning through diagnostic port with the KWP2000.

Now over a decade has passed and many new types of ECU’s and protocols have emerged. To accommodate this ever changing market, we began developing a new breed of programmers beginning with the MPPS.  

The MPPS has now evolved and is in its third generation. Using this knowledge and experience gained since our first project began, we are constantly working to improve and update MPPS to add support for the latest controllers. This has lead the MPPS to becoming one of the most reliable and stable flash tools on the market.

Our innovative approach to programming allows us to implement completely new features to the market as seen in our existing tools.  

The 3rd Generation of the MPPS interface features a redesigned casing and revised PCB.

The current software version is V22, also additional software programs are available such as plugin for Infineon TriCore boot programming.

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NEW: The software automatically detects the ecu and memory types, which simplifies the process for the user. Access to the available memories is then granted, the software allows you to individually read / write the desired data.

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