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MPPS Update V18.7.7.3


  • Opel PSG16  Read (Bench Only), Write (OBD/Bench) + Auto-checksum   

New Open/Save file dialogue:

You can now save a text file with your clients data, ECU ID and communication info.

Virtual keyboard added for users of touch screen devices.

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MPPS Update V18.7.6.6


  • Mazda 6 Denso R2AB   R/W/Cks
  • Mazda CX7 Denso R2AX  R/W/Cks
  • Mitsubishi Denso 4D56/4M41 R/W/Cks
  • Opel Astra Denso AX36 2010 on R/W/Cks
  • Mercedes Siemens Sim4LE Sim4SE R/W/Cks
  • Mercedes Sim4LKE R/W

Boot Mode:

  • Siemens Sim4LE, Sim4LKE, Sim4SE
  • Siemens DMEEMS2
  • Siemens MS42/MS43


  • Renault Sagem 3000 now default is CAN.
  • Updated Bosch ME7.6.2 reading should now be quicker.