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MPPS Update V18.9.8.6

This version has been completely rewritten for Windows 10 support.

There is now a new download manager which will be used for hot fixes as well as full updates.
You can now right click the ECU info window and save the contents to disk.


  • Opel Denso Hybrid ecu on Corsa. R/W/Cks
  • Opel Denso upto 2010 (2010-on already supported) R/W/Cks
  • Ford SID803 R/W/Cks

Tricore Boot:

Added new processors

  • TC1724/28
  • TC1782/84
  • TC1791/93/98
  • New password reading protocols added.

Support for the latest password protected ECU’s (eg. BMW F-series) will require some extra hardware, which is in development.


  • Some minor problems with EDC17 CAN ECU’s
  • A problem with PSA SID803A