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MPPS Update V22.0.2.14

  • Added VAG Delphi DCM 3.7 R/W/Cks (Including OBD unlock)
  • Added Renault SID 309/310 to Password Tricore boot
  • Added Ford SID 209 to Password Tricore boot
  • Added Renault SID307/309/310 Password to MPPS (Tricore users only).
  • SID 307 password can only be read in the car.
  • Added new functions to MPPS (Tricore users only)
  • Added a new version to Range Rover SID 204
  • Added Mitsubishi EDC16C39 R/W/Cks (Beta drive for now have been unable to test)
  • Added A new function to remember passwords once they have been used. This is to avoid loading passwords after every mod.