Software Updates

MPPS Update V22.0.2.14

  • Added VAG Delphi DCM 3.7 R/W/Cks (Including OBD unlock)
  • Added Renault SID 309/310 to Password Tricore boot
  • Added Ford SID 209 to Password Tricore boot
  • Added Renault SID307/309/310 Password to MPPS (Tricore users only).
  • SID 307 password can only be read in the car.
  • Added new functions to MPPS (Tricore users only)
  • Added a new version to Range Rover SID 204
  • Added Mitsubishi EDC16C39 R/W/Cks (Beta drive for now have been unable to test)
  • Added A new function to remember passwords once they have been used. This is to avoid loading passwords after every mod.



This update only works for users with the latest MPPS interface (from SN 43xxxxxx > onwards)
Older hardware 41/42xxxxxx is no longer supported.