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MPPS Update V22.0.5.22

Added Opel Vivaro EDC16 to the Database.
Added CRD3.1 checksum to MPPS.
Added PSA/Ford DCM3.5 eeprom R/W.
Added PSA DCM 3.4 R/W/Cks.
Added Smart ME7.7.0 EEprom boot mode.

VAG ME7.5 – Special mode added R/W/Cks Kline
VAG ME7.5 – Special mode added R/W/Cks Eeprom Kline
VAG MEDC17 drives will now show if the ecu has been OBD unlocked.

Updated Volvo ME7 checksum both internal and external.
Corrected Volvo ME7 comms problem.
Corrected Volvo EDC15C11 comms problem.
Updated Bosch checksum to do dual boot files.
Updated Mercedes ME2.8 seed key.