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MPPS Tricore Boot Plugin

MPPS_tricore2This plugin adds support for tricore processor based ECU’s. Communication over boot mode is required when TPROT (Tuning Protection) is installed in the ECU, which prevents tuning from OBD.


The software automatically detects the processor and memory types, which simplifies the process for the user. Access to the available memories is then granted, the software allows you to make a full backup and also individually read / write the desired data.


  • Read / Write of all memories – Eeprom, Irom, Xrom (where possible)
  • Patch function for OBD Flashing of TPROT ECU’s (supports only VAG at the moment)
  • TPROT / DS check feature, for testing if TPROT is active without opening ECU.
  • Support for Bosch ECU’s upto TP12. (Password reading function for TP8+
  • Support for Bosch Service Mode to read password on ECU using TP12+
  • Support for Siemens ECU’s (currently only for ECU’s without password protection),
  • Unlocking of VAG Simos PCR and Simos 8 for OBD flashing
  • Checksum Correction supported for Bosch MEDC17 irom and eeprom.
  • Checksum Correction supported for Simos PCR, Simos 8 and SID305 irom.


Includes the software module, tricore interface, cable set, power supply and carry case.

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